Woodson Orchestra is a co-curricular program open to all students who play an orchestral string instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass). Courses provide instruction in individual string instrument technical development, musical interpretive skills, ensemble training, musicianship, and leadership. Students have the opportunity to study and perform a variety of musical literature at an appropriate level of difficulty in both large and small ensembles. Instruction is in compliance with FCPS Music Program of Studies (POS) - The following sections are offered: 

  • 923815 Intermediate Orchestra (Concert)
  • 923816 Adv Intermediate Orchestra (Capriccio)
  • 923915 Advanced Orchestra (Symphonic)
  • 923916 Advanced Orchestra (Sinfonietta)
  • 923917 Advanced Orchestra (Philharmonic)   

Intermediate Orchestras – Designed for players who have experience on a stringed instrument and who are continuing to develop technical and musical proficiency. Educational emphasis is on skills in bowing and left hand facility, music literacy, sight-reading, and techniques of ensemble playing. Individual daily practice is expected. 

Advanced Orchestras – Open to students who complete a successful audition. Course is designed for experienced stringed instrument players who have mastered many of the fundamental musical skills. Emphasis is placed on technical proficiency, musical interpretation and resonant tone production, as well as independent musical discernment and leadership development. Individual daily practice is expected. Appropriate instrumentation of the ensemble may be a factor in the selection process. 

Advanced Orchestra (Philharmonic) – Open to students who complete a successful audition. Students in this class must demonstrate a high level of technical facility on their instruments, and continued emphasis is placed on the development of musicianship through progressive technical studies and advanced modern and classical orchestra literature. Advanced students and section leaders have additional responsibilities in rehearsals and are expected to participate in extracurricular musical opportunities (youth orchestra, district/regional honors orchestras, musical pit orchestra, etc.). Individual daily practice is required and private instruction is strongly encouraged for all members. Appropriate instrumentation of the ensemble may be a factor in the selection process.