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SRO/SDO Audition Excerpts Google Drive

2023 SRO Excerpts (Audition Date: October 2 @ Justice HS)

2023 D11 SDO Excerpts (Audition Date: November 6 @ Robinson SS)


Senior District Orchestra: January 13-14, 2023

All-State Auditions (SRO participants): February 25, 2023

Congratulations to all 2022-2023 Senior Regional and District Orchestra auditionees!

SRO participants:

Violin: Isaac Kim, Jessica Yi, Leo Lee, Nathan Kurland

Viola: Will Wo

Cello: Jonah Kan

Bass: Joey Schechtel, Morgan Altier

SDO participants:

Violin: James Ngo (Assistant Concertmaster), Kat Liang, Clara Do, Cosette Jo, Ethan Lee, Mallory Liang, Kai McMurry, Sophia Deng, Bomi Shin, Meghan Hembree, Kim McNamara, Chloe Lee, Catherine Han, 3rd Alternate: Audrey Cochran

Viola: Cedar Baltz, Cassie Liu, Jacob Lee, Janice Lee

Cello: Maia Kim, Chloe Choi, Camille Jo, Sunny Wang

Bass: Sean Cranford

2022 Summer opportunities

Institute for the Arts (“IFTA”) is a 4-week program at Fairfax High School open to rising 7th-12th graders. Information can be found at

The Levine School of Music holds several summer programs of varying length. Information can be found at

New England Music Camp, held north of Portland, Maine. NEMC was one of the few camps able to successfully hold summer sessions in 2020 with strict health protocols in place. More details can be found at

Brevard Music Institute offers two and four week sessions in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Information can be found at

Interlochen Arts Camp offers multi-week and one-week intensive programs in many areas in northwest Michigan. Information can be found at

Greater Suzuki Washington Institute's information can be found at

Mason Community Arts Academy is holding various workshops, camps, and intensive boot camps this year. Information can be found at


May 9, 2022

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Student Highlight

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Student leadership board

2022-2023 The WTW Orchestra Leadership Team  

Co-Orchestra Representative: Andrew Lee & Francisco Herrera

Secretary: Elizabeth Schneider


Volunteer/Mentoring Coordinator: Isabella Anderson

Social/Welcome/Rising 9th/Outreach Lead: Kim McNamara & Sophia Deng

Treasurers/Marketing Team: Matthew Tonko (Lead), Liahn Lee, Anahat Goraya, Ethan Lee, Harun Khan

Website Coordinator: Cosette Jo 

Historians: Matthew Lee, Camila Mercado Caballero, Rebecca Caswell 

Tech Team: Stephen Labys, Harry de Beer

Stage Crew: Joey Schechtel (Tech Manager/Lead), Bryce Nguyen, Camila Mercado Caballero, Lia Collins, Jacob Lee 


Arts Team: Jessica Yi (Lead), Kate Liang, Mia Kim, Sophie Gou, Maia Kim, Ada Qin


Social Media: Lynn Tong (Instagram), Serena Day (Instagram), Ruth Abebe (Twitter)

Points Coordinator: 

1st Pd- Suah Choi & Arwa Alyass

2nd Pd - Indra Ranjan

4th Pd - Amelia Ehlers

5th Pd - Janice Lee

6th Pd - Dan Nguyen

Librarians: James Kim, Kayla Ngo, Zoe Eng, Meredith Heravi, Madison Williams, Azita Uthman, Rebecca Caswell, Shelley Devny, Chloe Lee

As needed basis (fingerings/bowings):

Violins: Kayla Ngo, Leo Lee, Nathan Kurland

Violas: Will Wo (viola team)  

Cellos: Phil Team

Bass: Joey Schechtel (occasionally Zoe and Morgan :-)